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Brand Pengsheng
Number of Employees 501-1000 People
Annual sales More than US$50 Million
Established in 2003

Shizuishan Pengsheng Chemical Co., LTD., founded in November 2003, is located in the national economic and technological development zone of Shizuishan city in Ningxia. Shizuishan Pengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd covers an area of nearly 110,000 square meters with registered capital of CNY 100 million and total assets of CNY 300 million. She has more than 500 employees and five plants: raw materials plant, calcium carbide plant, calcium cyanamide plant, cyanamide plant, and guanidine plants. In 2013, the company was successfully selected as one of "the third batch of pilot enterprises of circular economy in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region". In 2017, it reached CNY 431 million for the sales revenue of our company, with profits of CNY 14.87 million, and taxes of CNY 8.2 million. In 2018, our company achieved sales revenue of CNY 500 million, profits and taxes of CNY 13.5 million, and export value of USD 13 million. The main products have been exported to the United States, India, Pakistan, Europe, and many other countries.

Over the past 17 years since it started, Shizuishan Pengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. has been kept stable developing in production and operation, and has stepped into one of the key medium-sized private enterprises in Shizuishan city, and has formed the industrial chain of circular economy from lime - calcium carbide - lime nitrogen- dicyandiamide-guanidines. With its products sold at home and abroad, the company has become one of the foreign exchange-earning enterprises in Shizuishan city.

Since 2011, in response to the national policy of "developing large unitsand suppressing small ones" and the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading policy, she has actively developed circular economy, and changed the situation of single product and primary processing in the early stage of development. With an investment of CNY 329 million, the company eliminated and dismantled the original 3 × 125,00KVA open mineral pyroelectric furnace, and built a series of production devices such as 2 × 315,00KVA large closed calcium carbide furnaces, 150,000 tons of calcium cyanamide per year, 30,000 tons of dicyandiamide per year, 200,000 tons of lime per year and 120,000 tons of drying blue charcoal per year. And now it hasan annual capacity of 200,000 tons of lime, 126,000 tons of calcium carbide, 150,000 tons of calcium cyanamide and 20,000 tons of dicyandiamide. She has formed a circular economy industrial chain of "lime - calcium carbide - lime nitrogen - dicyandiamide and downstream products", contributing to the development and stability of local economy.

In 2018, according to the requirements of the government in accelerating the upgrade of traditional industries, Shizuishan Pengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. has continuously implemented upgrading in technology and technical equipment. We plan to invest 91 million yuan and make use of 100,000 tons lime nitrogen production line to build an annual capacity of 30,000 tons of granularlime nitrogen fertilizer and 20,000 tons of pharmaceutical grade dicyandiamide production lines. The projects of the latter were put into trial production in June 2020.At the same time, the company plans to invest CNY 236.25 million in 2020 to implement the extension of the industrial chain of cyanamide and guanidine salt fine chemical industry and the supporting 2×45000KVA closed calcium carbide furnaces comprehensive utilization project of circular economy.

Shizuishan Pengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to internal standardized and fine management. The quality of our product and after-sales services has been spoken highly of by domestic and foreign customers. To actively explore the European market and meet the safety technical data of EU regulations, she registered the REACH certification and obtained the certificate issued by the European chemicals agency.

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