• 1.Lead Time

    A. it is always 2-3 weeks for 1-3FCLs.

    B. it needs longer time for more than 5 FCLs or customized order.

  • 2.Package

    A. dicyandiamide
    25/500/1000 kg woven bag

    B. calcium cyanamide (powder or granule)
    20kg PE bag, or 1000/1200kg woven bag

    C. calcium carbide
    100kg drum

  • 3.Spec

    A. calcium carbide
    gas yield: 280-310L/kg

    B. calcium cyanamide
    appearance: powder/granule
    effective Nitrogen content: 20-24%
    calcium cyanamide contante:57-65%

    purity: 99.5%/99.8%
    calcium conten: 200PPM max.
    Melamine content: 500PPM max.

    D. guanidine hydrochloride purity: 99%

    E. guanidine carbonate purity: 99%

  • 4.Loading Port

    Shizuishan Pengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd is located in Northwest of China. It is the nearest port for Tianjin port, so we always export ordinary cargos from Tianjin port. It is Qingdao or Shanghai port for dangerous cargos now.

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