Calcium cyanamide MSDS

  • Lime Nitrogen

    Lime Nitrogen

    Calcium cyanamide is a kind of gray-black powder. It is an important organic chemical raw material to producing cyanide, dicyandiamide, melamine and thiourea, and suitable for alkaline nitrogenous fertilizer. It is used for nitriding steel in industry, gold and silver ore treatment, and removal of nitrogen oxide from waste gas, removal of formaldehyde from waste water and corrosion inhibitor of salt water. In addition, calcium cyanamide can be used as raw material to produce plastics, pesticides, explosives.

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  • Calcium Cyanamide For Thiourea

    Calcium Cyanamide For Thiourea

    Calcium cyanamide is an important nitrogen fertilizer. The nitrogen cannot be absorbed by plants directly, but can only be absorbed by plants through the conversion of water and carbon dioxide. It is used as a base fertilizer and suitable for acid soil. Reacting with water to produce ammonia and calcium carbonate is a method of producing synthetic ammonia. It can also be used as a defoliant or herbicide. In the chemical industry, it is the raw material of cyanamide, dicyandiamide, melamine, which can be further processed into thiourea and guanidine. In the iron and steel industry, it is used as nitriding agent and cast iron desulfurizer for carbon steel and low alloy. In waste treatments, it can be used to remove formaldehyde in wastewater. The other important use is for the manufacture of pesticide.

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  • Calcium Cyanamide Powder

    Calcium Cyanamide Powder

    Calcium Cyanamide/ Lime Nitrogen an import organic chemical raw material and widely used in the production of cyanogen melt, dicyandiamide, thiourea. It is an alkaline fertilizer, also one of the main raw materials of high efficiency and low toxicity carbendazim pesticide, can be used as herbicide, fungicide and insecticide. It can also be used as a defoliant for cotton and as a soil improvement agent.

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