Metformin Related Compound A

  • Ultra-fine Dicyandiamide

    Ultra-fine Dicyandiamide

    Ultra-fine Dicyandiamide is primarily used for epoxy powder coatings, film adhesives, electronic potting, etc. The ultra-fine particles have the storage stability of more than six months, which helps prevent settling and promotes uniform curing. Epoxy systems cured with ultra-micronized dicyandiamide offer superior adhesion, making it a preferred option for adhesive formulations. Furthermore, ultra-micronized dicyandiamide is compatible with all epoxy resins such as bisphenol A, novolac, etc. along with a varied range of pigments and fillers. Moreover, ultra-micronized dicyandiamide is non-toxic.

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  • Dicyandiamide For Flame Retardants

    Dicyandiamide For Flame Retardants

    Dicyandiamide is an intermediate for synthesis of medicines. It is used in the production of a wide range of organic chemicals, including slow and continuous nitrogen release fertilizer, pesticides, dye fixing, fire proofing agents, epoxy laminates for circuit boards, powder coatings and adhesives, water treatment chemicals, leather and rubber chemicals, explosives and pharmaceuticals.

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