guanidine carbonate cas no

  • Guanidine Carbonate 593-85-1

    Guanidine Carbonate 593-85-1

    Guanidine carbonate is an organic synthesis raw material and analytical reagent. It is white crystalline powder. Solubility in the following solutions at 20℃ : 42g/100g water, 0.55g/100g methanol, almost insoluble in acetone, benzene, and ether. It is used for amino resin pH value regulator, antioxidant, resin stabilizer and guanidine soap, and also be used as cement slurry agent, surfactant additives. In the synthesis of detergent, it is used as wet-resistant agent and synergist. In the gravimetric determination of zinc, cadmium, manganese, it is used as a precipitant, also used in the separation of magnesium in alkali metals.

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