The role of desulfurizer


Desulfurizer generally refers to the removal of natural materials, raw materials or other raw materials in the dispersed sulfur or sulfur organic compounds of drugs; In the regulation and treatment of pollutants, the key is to remove sulfur metal oxides (including SO2 and SO3) commonly used in organic waste gases. All kinds of alkaline organic compounds can be used as desulfurizers.

The desulfurization agent

This kind of mixed solution desulfurizer has surface activity and catalytic reaction, which can promote the immediate reflection of SO2, accelerate the melting of CaCO3, promote the quick air oxidation of CaSO3 to CaSO4, strengthen the deposition of CaSO4, reduce the liquid gas ratio, reduce the calcium sulfur ratio, and reduce the evaporation of water. When the concentration of SO2 in the flue gas channel is higher than the designed value, the PH value in the desulfurization tower reflects that the PH value in the desulfurization tower is reduced, and a higher Ca/S ratio is necessary. When the capacity of the reaction tank in the desulfurization tower does not need to be expanded, CaCO3 can melt rapidly, increase the calcium ion concentration, and maintain the slurry PH value in the normal range, which has a certain regulating effect on the PH value. Increasing the running time of slurry in the middle of work and reducing the frequency of slurry mixing can significantly reduce the scale formation of machinery and equipment, and the scale layer becomes soft. After shutdown, the scale layer is very easy to fall off by cleaning with water. For desulfurization activity in scaling up the permeability and system software, reduce fouling deposit, reduce the chloride ion content in slurry, of various materials in the desulfurization equipment corrosion and fouling speed reduced to some extent, the low carbon steel to reduce more, corrosion and scaling speed can reduce 74% and 79% respectively, polyethylene can be reduced by 48% and 55%. The addition of desulfurizer can have the effect of anti-scale, anti-corrosion and corrosion inhibitor, reduce the blockage, scaling, corrosion and damage of the desulfurization nozzle, reduce the scaling, corrosion and damage of the slurry circulating pump and the wind wheel, and reduce the maintenance and replacement of spare parts in the desulfurization system software. Broaden the selection scope of desulfurizing raw materials and enhance the stability of system software. Under different working conditions, it can reduce and stop the use of slurry circulating pump and oxidation fan, improve desulfurization efficiency, reduce operation cost, suitable for sulfur content transformation in coal, and the use of high-sulfur coal. In the application of soot desulfurization, it has the advantages of broad brand promotion, and can produce rich social economic and social benefits.

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