On-site Inspection of customs


      Lime nitrogen, or Calcium cyanamide is a mixture of calcium cyanamide, calcium oxide and other insoluble impurities. It is dark gray or black gray powder or granules with special odor. Calcium cyandmide is a kind of alkaline fertilizer. It also can be used as herbicide, fungicide, insecticide. Calcium cyandmide is also an important raw material for producing dicyandiamide, another key product of our company.

      Granular calcium cyanamide is widely used as fertilizer in Japan, Korean and Taiwan.

      In 2022, Calcium cyanamide became one of the product in the risk monitoring and control of customs. The inspection process is much more complex than before. We havent made the shipment of the product yet this year because of this.

        Last week, the customs did on-site inspection to our products. They pointed out many aspects that need to be improved. Our plant made the improvement as per the suggestions of customs. The on-site inspection was rather smooth this week. Customs recognized the conscientious attitude of our plant.

        We will do our best to support the work of customs and hope we will get the result early and make the shipment to customers as early as possible. 

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