Weekly of Calcium Carbide(8.8-8.12)


This week (2022.8.8-2022.8.12) the calcium carbide market is running relatively smoothly. At present, the calcium carbide market in Ningxia is still tightening, and the transactions of various companies are smooth. This week, the calcium carbide market in Henan has a good trading atmosphere, and the trading center remains at the previous level. In terms of cost, the price of raw material blue charcoal is stable, and the market is obviously going sideways and destocking. In terms of supply, the early maintenance and load reduction devices have successively increased the load, but in recent days, some enterprises in the Wumeng region have reduced the load due to the public health time, and the supply has been unstable. In terms of demand, the PVC market is temporarily unstable, and the enthusiasm for purchasing within the week is acceptable. On the whole, the calcium carbide market has a lively trading atmosphere and positive transactions during the week.


This week, the price of calcium carbide in the market was generally stable, with sporadic increases in some areas, and the market traded well. However, in view of the large increase in calcium carbide prices in the early stage, the overall market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. During the week, the profit of calcium carbide has increased, and the number of construction starts has increased. It is reasonable to estimate that the supply recovery cycle will be prolonged due to the occurrence of the public health incident in the Wumeng region. At present, the supply of calcium carbide in the domestic market is tight from time to time. The surrounding chlor-alkali enterprises are more motivated to purchase, and the pressure on the supply of goods is weakened. The export of manufacturers in most regions is smooth, and the price focus can be maintained at a high level. However, taking into account the acceptability of the downstream, the pressure of calcium carbide prices in various places to continue to rise still exists.

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