Calcium Cyanamide For Fertilizer

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Calcium Cyanamide For Fertilizer
  • Pengsheng
  • Ningxia, China
  • Two weeks
  • 150, 000MT/Year

Calcium cyanamide is mainly used as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. Calcium cyanamide is an alkaline fertilizer containing nitrogen and calcium. It is an improver of acidic, aged soil. It has the effect of killing grass, killing insects, killing bacteria. It also has the special effects of early defoliation of fruit trees, disinfection of branches, flower promotion, bud promotion, disinfection of fish ponds and livestock farms, and deodorization.
Although Calcium cyanamide has the special effect of pesticide, it does not have the residual toxicity of pesticide. It can improve soil fertility and reduce the damage of pests and diseases.

Product name: Calcium Cyanamide/ Lime Nitrogen

Molecular Formula: CaCN₂

Molecular Weight: 80.11

CAS No.: 156-62-7

HS Code: 31029010

EINECS Code: 205-861-8

UN No.: 1403

Appearance: Gray-black powder

Meting point: 1340℃

Calcium Cyanamide Uses

Package: In net 20 PE bags or in net 500kg, 600kg, 625kg, 1000kg, and1200kg bags.

Storage: stored in a cool, well-ventilated and dry warehouse. Keep away from fire, heat, moisture and rain. It should be stored separately from acid, moisture, inflammable, combustible, etc. It is not suitable for loading or unloading during raining time outside.


It belongs to dangerous cargo for calcium cyanamide and calcium carbide. So it needs special procedures and certificated for exporting. Shizuishan Pengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd has all the necessary certificates and much experiences on operating the exporting works for calcium carbide and calcium cyanamide.

Shipment way: By sea

Port of shipment: Shanghai port

Lead time: About two weeks, longer time for big quantity order.

Main Indexes:



Total N Content %


Effective N Content %


Calcium Cyanamide Content %


Free Calcium Carbide %


calcium cyanamide effective N content

ISO 9001/14001/45001 Certification
ISO 9001/14001/45001 Certification
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