Dicyandiamide 461-58-5

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Dicyandiamide 461-58-5
  • Pengsheng
  • Ningxia, China
  • Two weeks
  • 30,000MT/Year

Dicyandiamide, abbreviation DICY or DCD, is a dimer of cyanamide and is also a cyano derivative of guanidine. Chemical Formula is C₂H₄N₄. It is white crystal powder, which soluble in water, alcohol, ethylene glycol and dimethyl formamide, almost insoluble in ether and benzene. It is nonflammable, stable when dry.

CAS No.: 461-58-5

Other Names: Cyanoguanidine, Dicyanodiamide

Molecular Formula: C₂H₄N₄

EINECS No.: 207-312-8

Place of Origin: Ningxia, China

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Purity: 99.5%min

Appearance: White Crystal

Brand Name: Pengsheng

HS code: 29262000

Packaging: Net 25kg woven bags

Shelf Life: 2 years


Dicyandiamide (DCDA)


White Crystal

Purity  ≥ %


moisture,  ≤ %


Ash content,  ≤ %


Melting point,  ℃


Calcium content,  ≤ %




Applications: It used in the production of special resin, fire retardant agent, guanidine, and also used as filler in artificial leather. It is used as a curing agent in the printing and dyeing industry. The leather industry is used to make retanning agents for leather. In water treatment industry, it is used to manufacture decolorizing agents or flocculants, as well as surface hardeners for electroplating and steel, and as nitrification inhibitors in agriculture.



Shipment way: By sea

Port: Tianjin, Shanghai Port

Lead time: About two weeks

Loading: 18MT/20'GP with pallets, 22MT/20'GP without pallets


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