Industrial Grade Dicyandiamide

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Industrial Grade Dicyandiamide
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Dicyandiamide is primarily used as raw material for active pharmaceutical ingredients production for making anti-diabetic drugs. It is also used as a curing agent in epoxy resins and laminates for circuit boards and adhesives. It is also used in production of organic chemicals, which include, water treatment chemicals, slow and controlled nitrogen release fertilizers, dye fixing agents, and pharmaceuticals. Dicyandiamide is used as an intermediate in the production of fertilizers, flame retardants, coatings, and adhesives.

Synonym  : Cyanoguanidine, Dicyanodiamide

Molecular Formula: C₂H₄N₄

Molecular Weight: 84.08

CAS No.: 461-58-5

HS Code: 29262000

EINECS Code: 207-312-8

Appearance: White Crystal

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Package: In net 25kg, 375kg, 475/500/550kg, 1000kg woven bags, or customized package.

Dicyandiamide Price

Storage: Stored in cool & dry places, sealing preservation, keep away from moisture, and ventilation well.

Main Indexes:

Purity %

Moisture %

Ash Content %

Calcium Content PPM

Melting Point







1. It is used as the raw material of melamine and as an intermediate in the synthesis of medicines, pesticides and dyes.

2. It is used in organic synthesis and resin synthesis, also used as curing accelerator and hardener.

3. In pharmaceuticals, it is used to prepare guanidine nitrate, sulfonamides and so on.

4. Dicyandiamide can also be used to make guanidine, nitroclosic stabilizer, rubber vulcanization accelerator, steel surface hardener, printing and dyeing fixing agent, artificial leather filler and adhesive.

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