Purity 99.5% Dicyandiamide

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Purity 99.5% Dicyandiamide
  • Pengsheng
  • Ningxia, China
  • Two weeks
  • 30,000MT/Year

Dicyandiamide, abbreviated DICY or DCDA, which is also known as 2-Cyanoguanidine, is a alkaline, hydrophilic white crystalline compound. It is a dimer of cyanogen and a cyanogen derivative of guanidine.The solubility in water is 2.26% at 13℃, which is higher in hot water. When aqueous solution is at 80℃, it will decomposed gradually to produce ammonia. The solubility in anhydrous ethanol is 1.2% at 13℃, which is soluble in liquid ammonia but insoluble in benzene and chloroform.

CAS No.: 461-58-5 

Other Names: Cyanoguanidine,Dicyanodiamide

Molecular Formula: C₂H₄N₄

EINECS No.: 207-312-8

Place of Origin: Ningxia, China

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Purity: 99.5%min

Appearance: White Crystal

Brand Name: Pengsheng

HS code: 29262000

Packaging: Net 25kg woven bags

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Dicyandiamide China



Dicyandiamide (DCDA)




White Crystal

Purity  ≥ %


moisture,  ≤ %


Ash content,  ≤ %


Melting point,  ℃


Calcium content,  ≤ %





1. Raw material for producing guanidine, melamine diamine.

All kinds of guanidine can be produced by reaction of dicyandiamide with acid. The reaction of dicyandiamide and phenylnitrile is the intermediate of coating, laminate and forming powder.

2. Used as a dye fixative

Dicyandiamide resin produced by the reaction of dicyandiamide and formaldehyde can be used as dye fixing agent. It is mainly used for dyeing of direct dyes, acid dyes and sulfuric dyes.

3. As an intermediate for fine chemicals

It is used to produce thiourea, nitrocellulose stabilizer, rubber vulcanization accelerator, steel surface hardener, artificial leather filler, adhesive, etc.

4. Used as curing agent of epoxy resin

It is used as latent curing agent of epoxy resin adhesive to prepare one-component epoxy adhesive. Only when the particle size of diamine is ≤5 meters (2500 mesh) can suspension body be formed in the epoxy resin without precipitation. It is also used as a curing agent for one component waterborne epoxy adhesive.

5. To test cobalt, nickel, copper and palladium. It is also used in organic synthesis, Nitrocellulose stabilizer, Curing agent, Detergent, Vulcanization accelerator and Resin synthesis.



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